Impasto Technique:

Impasto – A thick or lumpy application of paint, or deep brush marks (brushstrokes), as distinguished from a flat, smooth paint surface.

1/ Original photo of scene at Short Sands at the Oregon coast

2/ After doing a charcoal drawing, I outline in paint and begin to develop values in one color.

3/ Then I start mixing colors as I paint.

4/ I am beginning to fill in broad areas of color with a large brush to cover the white canvas.

5/ I am starting to build up thicker paint and develop the colors along with pulling out detailed areas.

6/ I let the paint dry on the glass palette and then I scrape it up with razor blade to add to my impasto medium.

7/ To develop the colors and texture, I start applying the dry paint and impasto mixture to the canvas with a palette knife.

8/ I continue to do this in addition to glazing and alla prima (wet into wet) painting techniques to finish the painting.